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About Audio Miracles

Audio Miracles is an audio book that was inspired by one person's request for a spoken word recording of A Course In Miracles that neither sermonized nor dramatized the text. Simply put, this recording of ACIM is intelligently delivered with a loving and peaceful approach. Every attempt has been made to avoid any inflection or pronunciation that would interfere with the meaning that a listener might personally derive from the words. This project is deeply committed to the idea that ACIM is a personal experience best undertaken between the student and the course itself.

We at Audio Miracles have created a spoken word recorded version of A Course In Miracles text that one can download and use at any time, in any way, with any device that best suits the lives of our listeners. Be it quietly listening to ACIM before going to sleep at night, meditating to it in the morning or commuting to work, this audio book allows the freedom and availability to access the material as desired.

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